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Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy testimonials 

Rachael Davies 

Charles, thank you so much for the fabulous Rapid Transformaitonal Therapy session! You are a gifted and intuitive therapist and I feel privileged to have experienced your powerful healing. Immediately after our session I felt like I had released so much emotion. I felt lighter and so much more positive. After just two days I have experienced such an incredible transformation, I am seeing phenomenal results and I feel so excited about the future. It is almost inconceivable that I could see such results after just one session, which is a testament ti your skill, empathy and understanding. I felt so safe during the session which helped me get in touch with these long repressed painful memories and emotions. I love the personalized audio and I feel empowered every time I listen to it. I would say to anyone who is considering an RTT session with you to go for it. They won't regret it. I would most defintely recommend your services. 

Jamie Robinson workshop testimonial

What a powerful experience I had last night at Charles West' Purge & Surge Workshop. With his guidance, and using tools that he specifically designed for this workshop, I was able to access the greatness that is always present within me, but at times can be blocked by the stories that I created from the conditioning of beliefs that I took on at a young age. 

    I was particularly empowered by his process of shifting limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs. He created the safe space for me to go within, to access those limiting beliefs, release them and set up a new affirmative foundation in which I can show up powerfully in my life and in service. 

Clarke Thorell workshop testimonial

 I feel so blessed to have attended one of Charles' Purge & Surge Workshops Charles is incredibly inspiring, with seemingly boundless energy and passion , using a number of different modalities and operating from a beautiful balance of education, experience and intuition. I look forward to continuing in the process and watching how his practice grows. 

Jen McClung coaching testimonial

  I had my free strategy session with Charles to talk about what is next for my life. Charles has such a compassionate heart, incredible dedication to spiritual growth and learning, combined with a passionate desire to see everyone live their best and full life. 

    It makes him so perfect for the role of mentor/coach and I am so grateful to have him by my side as I walk through the DreamBuilder course 

with him. 

Anne Markt workshop testimonial

After attending Charles' Purge & Surge Workshop I was simply amazed at how quickly I could experience such deep peace of mind and a feeling of release that was exactly what I had been craving. Look no further than Charles, who has collected some of the best techniques out there for transformational growth and and positive change. He teaches with such beautiful spirit, enthusiasm and a glow about him that you can't help but feel deeply loved and enveloped in a spiritual, mental and physical hug. I highly recommend working with Charles if you are seeing a connection to the power of life coaching, spiritual healing and your highest self. 


Adam Porter-Smith energy healing testimonial

This was my 1st energy healing and I really didn't know what to expect going in. I've heard positive stories from friends who have done this type of work, so I was interested in how my experience would be. Charles had very calming and loving energy, so I felt comfortable from the get go. The session started out very meditative. He used crystals and rare stones during the beginning half of the session. As he placed every individual piece on my head, hands and chest he explained the specific purpose of each of the stones. The 1st part of the session was very calming as I had mentioned. But about 40 minutes into the session my hands started to twitch with energy. I didn't expect that so I was actually kind of shocked by the feeling at first. The experience intensified shortly after that. A few minutes later, as my eyes were closed, I saw light rush and swoop over my eyes and I felt it completely run through my entire body. I couldn't believe what I was experiencing. It felt like a wave of light just jolted through my complete body. My entire body shook with electricity. The energy was so positive and I felt that something inside of me had been healed. I honestly did not expect to have such a powerful experience from my first healing session. By the end I felt lighter and that I had a renewed sense of self-power. I left there feeling completely amazing and I am now a firm believer in the power of energy healing. I will definitely be going to see Charles again in the future. Thank you Charles, it was an incredible and healing experience.  

James Phillip Gates energy healing testimonial

I am deeply grateful for last weekend’s session with Charles at Divine Spark Healing and Coaching. It was such a wonderful experience. The simple and clear direction through the whole encounter led me on a journey to a continued place of self-healing, with the integration of healing-stone work, sound work, breath work and visualization. Who could ask for more? To be gently aided to heal oneself mentally, physically, emotionally, and perhaps most important, spiritually, was such a gift. I loved it and could not recommend it highly enough. Thank you so much Charles!

Brittney Buckley energy healing testimonial

Charles is one of those people you meet who definitely leaves an imprint on you with his passion and his teachings. Charles' technique has the power to connect you to your deeper self if your willing to open up and take an honest, non-judgmental look at yourself. I learned so much about what is underneath all of this and my energy feels so much lighter as a result. I am very selective with my spiritual coaches and advisors. I highly recommend Charles to my friends, family and anyone who is in need of a spiritual cleanse. Divine Spark Coaching is your match!! Beyond grateful!!!

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Amanda Harford energy healing testimonial

Amanda Harford energy healing testimonial

Amanda Harford energy healing testimonial

Charles' love for his work and others is strengthened by the divine love which overflows from him and put me in an instant state of deep relaxation, peace, and security. His techniques propelled me into an unexplainable place that left me calm, certain and filled with love. The session impacted me in ways I’ll forever be grateful for. He has some amazing normatec compression boots that relieved pressure and tensions in a way I've never felt before. They are a great way to help your legs after so much standing and city walking! I’m hoping for many more sessions with Charles in my life and would send all my friends & family his way! I trust him immensely and look forward to seeing him again.

Christiana Blaine-5 stars!

Amanda Harford energy healing testimonial

Amanda Harford energy healing testimonial

I had the most electrifying and amazing chakra opening session with Charles today!! I am still buzzing from it, and have the goofiest smile on my face all day long and I absolutely LOVE it. Wow, I feel relaxed, calm, clear, and joyful! I also got to try the Normatec Pulse Compression Boot System on my legs, and I felt like I was walking on air afterwards. Will definitely come back. Thank you Charles!!

Mark Hawbecker energy healing testimonial

Chun Rosenkranz energy healing testimonial

Chun Rosenkranz energy healing testimonial

I had the pleasure of a session with Charles recently.

The approach taken was very caring and dedicated to assisting me to relax into a gentle state of discovery and spirit awareness.

I experienced a quality of floating beyond my physical self with sensations of color, light, movement and sound that cradled me in a feeling of being on a positive search, reaching beyond my perceived limits - open to voices of assurance. 

Charles is open to sharing his own journey to this place in his life - and thus he creates an environment that allows you to feel completely safe within the context of reaching into yourself to then reach beyond. 

In the days that followed our session, I found myself reviewing goals and challenges with a refreshed body and a more open mind. 

Charles' own passion for his discoveries is evident in his methods and the warm and open manner he calls upon to act as a gentle guide.

Chun Rosenkranz energy healing testimonial

Chun Rosenkranz energy healing testimonial

Chun Rosenkranz energy healing testimonial

Last Friday I experienced a Divine Spark Healing session with Charles and it has taken me a full four days to fully process the depth of the work. He is something very special. I floated into the weekend with an ease that is not usually present and have been downloading some spectacular ideas for how I want to move through the world. Also, as a massage therapist, putting on the Normatec Pulse Compression Boots took the treatment to the next level. I was in heaven!!! I am tremendously grateful.