John Boggs, CEO of The Brave Thinking Institute, a mentor and dear friend of mine.

Courtney had struggled for many years with feeling unworthy of being herself without judgement or criticism. After RTT hypnotherapy and 1-on-1 laser coaching she is happier than ever. 

Ramona had been struggling with a lack of confidence and in using several crucial tools in her hypnotherapy business. After a combination of RTT and coaching she has gained enormous growth. 

I am over the moon with gratitude and joy that my friend/client, LaShonna Holloway, who had settled into believing that she was destined to remain a single lady, is now ENGAGED to a marvelous man! We worked together on identifying and unlocking limiting thought patterns that had kept her from living the greatest version of herself and, through RTT hypnotherapy and coaching, she has completely stepped into a new future!

Sue Hitzmann, of MELT Method and a New York Times bestselling author, experienced her first RTT hypnotherapy session with me today and I’m thrilled with her feedback

James Berry shares his experience of having his first of three RTT sessions.

Dr. Juanzetta Flowers had been suffering with atrial fibrillation (AFib) for a year and, in this video, testifies about how 1 RTT session with me, she has experienced amazing results. 

Susanne's RTT testimonial.

Ivonne Yanez' testimonial after 3 RTT sessions.

Melissa Simonson shares her wonderful RTT testimonial.

Mimi Esguerra's RTT testimonial

Mia Gentile's RTT testimonial. 

I’m so happy and grateful that Ben made some crucial connections, released a lot of old trauma and rewired his old thought patterns into more powerful and permanent ones from his RTT hypnotherapy session last night.

Cathy Regan's RTT testimonial 

Mary Seifert share's about her RTT experience

Sylvia Benito Ennis' RTT testimonial

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